Identification Numbers

Commission number , Paint & Trim Codes

Commission number , Paint & Trim Codes can all be found on the plate riveted to the left hand "B" post door shut.

To see which colours relate to which codes click here

The Commission Number Must be entered correctly when registering your stag. Use the drop down boxes to select the correct prefix and suffix.

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Registration Number

This is the registration Number or registration mark of the vehicle (i.e. for UK cars usually in the format "ABC 1234E"

The registration number does not show publicly, but will be used for matching in the history search section of the site. I.e if someone is looking for history regarding a stag they once owned, or a stag they currenty own they will enter details in the "History Search" section of the. If a match is made bewteen the registartion number being searched and one in the registry then it is shown as a reply in the history section.


Body & Sales Number

Body and Sales number (at least i think it is the sales number) are found under the bonnet (hood)  The body number is T*****LD the sales number is  *****LD, usually the body number is the  unpainted one of the pair.  Please enter the values from your Stag  into the boxes provided

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Build Date

Build date may be stamped on the commission plate, or else may only be available by obtaining a BMHIT Certificate. If you know the build date please enter it using the drop down boxes provided.



The Engine number is found at the top rear of the engine. (early cars it is between the two rear most spark plugs on the left hand bank)

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Many Triumphs have been fitted with engines other than the original V8, Please select the engine that is in your car from the list provided.


The gearbox numbers for manual cars are all stamped with a serial number which will start  with LD or LE.     Automatics have a plate attached to the gearbox casing. Borg-Warner Type 35 have a purple plate (up to late 1975) and Borg-Warner Type 65 have a green plate (late 1975 onwards). 

For the purposes of data entry into the registry please select  the Correct type of gearbox from the drop down list.  If you have the serial number please enter it in the "Number" Box.


The Axel

The Axel Numbers are stamped on the underside of the rear axle casing. They are all in the series LD****. If you do not know your axle number please leave this field at its default values. If your car has been fitted with an axle other than the original please change the Axle type drop down box to reflect this.


There where several types of wheel (Steel, Wires, Alloys) That where provided from the factory, please select the correct option, if you have aftermarket wheels fitted then please choose "Other".

Air Conditioning

Please specify if your vehicle is fitted with factory air conditioning.



Select the option that best describes the vehicles condition


Modified Cars

If your vehicle is modified from standard, please select yes from the drop down box and use the text area tell everyone  a little about the modifications.


Use this area to tell everyone a little about you, your car anything you think may be of interest to other stag owners.

Personal Details

Enter the data into the required fields

Select your country using the drop down list

Enter  your state, province or county using the text field

Postal or Zip code is purely voluntary, it will not appear on any pages access via the web have included it so that i can use it as a "group by" item  so that in future reports you will be able to see Stag owners that are close to you. Again even if it is used to group entries in the registry it will not be displayed on any web pages other than your personal edit page

Use the drop down boxes to select the date you acquired your Stag.

If you have an Email enter it here, if you wish your email to be private then select "no" in the email visible drop down box, This will prevent other Stag owners from being able to contact you from  the registry lists.

If you have a home page please enter it here (in the format , if you haven't but would like  to put a web page about your car on the net please email me as we will probably be able to hold it on this site for you.

 The password will be required when you wish to change information in the registry. 

The question and answer is one that we can ask you should  you forget your password.